Restate for me

I am breaking away from the topics from the last couple of posts (Music Soothes & A Representation) to kind of restate my intent. This is for me at the moment because I catch myself trying to do things in this blog that doesn’t have anything to do with my intent. I have a couple of times wanted to post a couple of pictures of Amy Lee. Why I am not really sure and the photos would have no purpose in what I am trying to do. Talking about Ms. Lee is fine considering she is a subject that gives me pause especially when it comes to how I feel about her. I am someone who is searching for answers and I am very much going to ask any question that I feel needs to be answered or any question that feels relevant. I am not above getting questions from the people who are reading this blog as someone from the outside may be able to see a question that I have not answered. Or they may be able to see something that I may want to take a deeper look at. So right now since I am looking for what she represents. Though (joking) if someone can help me start an e-mail friendship with her then I would be eternally grateful. Obviously show her this blog first but I would love that person forever.

Back to serious. I also feel in this section I should say that this blog is meant to be a stream of consciousness written blog. I am doing it that way so that I don’t have time to really worry about what I am saying. So at times it might be a bit hard to understand. The only time I go back and change anything is either if I have something to add or if I just go back and start all over again. With the fears that I have about being considered crazy I feel it is better to just put it down and let it be. So the way it reads is mostly the way it came out of my head.

I have recently used a couple of curse words and if they offend you I apologize but I will not change those words. As I said above I am letting this be written as it comes out of my head and at that moment those words were what I was thinking. Though you might be able to tell that I try not to be limited in the words I use but I will admit that I may look up a word to make sure I can spell it right. I would like participation even though this is meant to help myself. I at some point may get away for a post or two to make a comment on something else but I hope that it still has some relevance to what I am trying to do. I appreciate everyone who is reading this blog. You are helping in an odd round about way. Please feel free to comment.

Thank you for your time.