A New Type of Funding

As I research a way to get my own ideas to come from my head and into reality, I keep running into the idea of funding. Well I can’t say I keep running into it as it is a constant spectre that reminds me of the difficulty of taking on such life changing ideas. I mean that keep running into the areas where it is the biggest issue. From equipment, to travel, to the cost that I will have to brunt in my own life as the ideas I have are so large and difficult to do against a second job. So I have been looking for a way to fund a couple of my ideas.

My search has brought me to that mecca of public funding, Kickstarter. There is something very right with what Kickstarter (and other websites like it) is trying to do. Bringing people wanting to fund projects that they like with the projects needing funding is not really a new idea but just the ease at which everyday people can do is new. I mean when was the last time that you could help fund a major motion picture.

The wide variety of projects that you find that actually made it to their “fully funded” point shows that there are a lot of people willing to help. And many of those have even gone further than the original asking price. The only problem that I have with Kickstarter is that they are an all or nothing operation. I do think that with at least half of the asking price that someone could find other means of funding. That being said, from the perspective of a person who intends to avail myself of their services, it is a good idea to be able to test an idea before you get too far into it.

What I mean is, I can see how many people would be willing to listen to my idea for a podcast by seeing how many are willing to help finance it. I know that there is a step back as there are some that are willing to listen but not donate. Look at the funding for NPR as a good example. But if you have many people willing to put forth a little money they are also willing to help promote by telling people. I still think that word of mouth is still the best way to promote something at first while you build up your audience. People trust friends and family more than they do advertisers.

I can’t think of much more to say about Kickstarter at this moment and I think that it is better to go and see for yourself. So click here and gain your own opinion. And maybe help out some startup that you think will help change the world for the better. Thank you as always for reading. See you next week. And I will keep you apprised of my try.


The Mood For Writing

As I continue on this little endeavor, I keep running into something that still seems to occasionally give me problems. I am still having to fight my mind. I’ve been working on a couple of other posts but as I edit them they seem like filler posts. Posts that I am writing  just to fill space or meet a deadline. I do not want to ever allow myself to make posts that are just there to fulfill an obligation. I have been finding it harder this week to write because I have started to feel that same damned depression that I have posted about before.

I realize that I should talk to someone about it but while I want to I can’t afford a professional nor do I want to bother my family with my problems. In the grand scheme of things, what is going on with me is minimal to what they are having to deal with at this moment. As I love them I find it hard to expect them to listen to me while they are dealing with a much more devastating issue. I hope this will pass so I can get back to doing something I very much enjoy. It has never been that I don’t want to write. I still love writing and still wish it to be my career but I find it difficult to come up with topics. I thank you again for continuing to read this blog. I hope to have something great next week. I will just say the one cliche line to anyone else that may be feeling as I do at this moment:

It gets better.

A whole new direction

I know that I haven’t been on in  a very long time (under internet time) and that is because life, in various forms, has gotten in the way. For one I now have a job. It is not a great job and like most I don’t like what I am doing. This new job, though crappy, has put it back in my head that I really need to stop dreaming and get working on my career. After much thought I have decided to work on my writing. It is something that I enjoy and is solitary enough to be consistently fun. So I am going to take this blog and turn it into more of a weekly opinion blog. I don’t plan on having a major subject other than what I feel effects us as humans. Again trying to keep in with the original title of “A Human’s Revolution”. I will post one day every week with occasional things added as needed. The plan is to start next Monday with the first topic. I will not post any other time than 9:15 in the evening. Thank you for sticking with me. Lets hope this is a start to a long great career.

A Slight Divergence

I intend to continue with the topics list but I had a new idea that I wanted to share. I think I have actually come up with a plausible catchy name for this, whatever the hell it is that I am trying to make. I’ve seen a couple of things that make me want to wait before I reveal the name. This seems like a just a small step but it does feel like another step forward. I’ve also been thinking more about more people that I want to “interview”. I put that in quotes because I don’t want to interview someone. I want it to be a conversation. That sounds cliche but I can’t find another way to put it.

As I keep think about more people to talk to and other topics to cover that I have so much to cover. It also keeps reiterating the fact that I will not be able to do this alone. I will need help. The issue is how am I going to get it. I live in such a small town that the kind of help I need will not come easy. But I am not giving up.

Thank you for your time.

20 topics for consideration

I think that the last thing I was going to write before I took my little hiatus was the list of subjects and topics that I would enjoy covering on a Podcast or Vodcast that I want to create. I am going to explain more on each individual topic in separate posts so this is just the overall list. Some things may seem strange when just in the list so please wait for me to cover more later. These are listed in no particular order but these are the main 20 topics or people or subjects that I want to cover.


  1. Language
  2. Communication
  3. Penn Jillette
  4. Photography
  5. Writing
  6. Art
  7. Queen
  8. Music
  9. The Evolution of Technology
  10. Amy Lee
  11. Human Interaction
  12. Religion
  13. Movies
  14. Psychology
  15. Philosophy
  16. Economics
  17. Internet
  18. Theatre
  19. The Evolution of Language
  20. The Hunt For John Deacon

I will more than likely not cover these subjects in the order that I listed them here.

Thank you for your time.

Jobs We Create For Ourselves

I keep trying to think of ways of getting work or at least things I can do to make money to survive. I keep trying to figure out a way of making use of the interesting ideas, the drives that I have and the skills that I have. I’ve talked about the fact that I am a sound engineer (I think). I am very much a person that has an imagination so I can come up with some really odd ideas. People have in fact called me insane (not just for the ideas but that’s another story). I am not sure how much of that is affected by the fact that I don’t completely like simplicity. There are times when things being simple is good. Going to the store for instance. I’m not talking about those times. I am again referring to the search for answers but not necessarily for personal answers. I am talking about the only way that you can gain answers or knowledge, by asking questions. I tend to have a lot of questions. To gain the answers I watch as many different programs as I can. I read what I can find on any subject (of course with the internet finding reliable sources can take as long as reading the actual articles). I want to learn all I can about any subject (whether it be about a person, a topic, or a concept).

I’ve thought about how I could actually do something with that drive. I keep wanting to try and make a podcast or internet radio show  where I can interview people I find fascinating or subjects that I want to learn about. I love this idea and I have thought about trying to see how I might be able to get funding. There are a couple of websites where you can put an idea up and see if there is anybody willing to help you with it. That seems simple enough but as most know things are very rarely ever that simple.

The things about this is that make it complex are many. I am not going to go into all of them but here are just a few explained. One is the idea of finding an audience. In just trying to understand how the human mind works I have seen article after article that says that most people are not willing to watch or listen to anything over two hours or so. The reason that could be a problem is that I don’t want to put a time limit on any discussion that I would have for the show. I realize that I could take the longer “raw” version and knock of the edges to fit a certain length then put the full raw version out there for whoever wants it which might be a good compromise. But even that idea may be hard to sell to companies that may want to sponsor the show. Then of course what I consider to be the biggest issue is that I live in a small town in Kentucky. How the hell would I be able to get access to any of the people that I want to talk too. I consider these kind of things as mental exercise. I like doing them so I may discuss this more in future writings. Cover more of the wants and ideas for it. Maybe I can figure out how to make it happen along the way. Please tell me what you think. I really want input on this one.

Thank you for your time.

My Priorities

I think I’ve got my priorities wrong. I’ve been trying to figure out the wrong things. I have been trying to figure out stuff that really has little to no impact on my life at the moment. I have been spending too much of my time a trying to figure out things that really the only reason I have been stuck on them because I could not for the life of me figure out why I wanted the idea in the first place. I have also been looking at these things as if they did matter only because it makes me look at things from different angles. I am realizing that I have been spending way to much time trying to answer questions that don’t matter. I am letting go of somethings and I am going to try and really change how things are going in my life. How I’ve done things tell now are not working. I am going to change that and I am going to be reworking my priorities soon. I need to work on questions that can be answered and not questions that really don’t have an answer. I need to work on the answers that matter. I need to rethink everything. This was probably a bit confusing and I’m sorry.

Thank you for your time.