On Language

I think I made a post early on about how I will not edit the language I use on here. I figure as this is the first post of a new era, I should explain why. I think that language and the use of words is a very wonderful thing. I think that it can be used to express very intellectual ideals, but it has also been used to cause some horrible things. Because it can be used to cause problems people want to limit its use. I know that there are also those who like to block words because of what they mean. They do not like curse words because children shouldn’t hear them or the words are offensive to people. I think that limiting language can also limit the positive things we can do with it.

The interesting thing about words is we give them power and meaning. We, as the people who speak them and understand them, give them the meaning they have. The only thing that I have to show that this is true is the ever changing nature of slang words. How many times have you heard parents “complaining” about the fact that they cannot understand what their children are saying. It has become a cultural joke. So words have an ever evolving meaning. What a word means for one generation can change for the next. If you do not like a word don’t change the word change the meaning. Meaning is everything.

Now that I have said that let me get down to my language. I use words for what they mean at this moment. I do not mind taking the time to explain things when I feel that explaining them is key. Some times though I want to “explain” the situation in a sentence or two. Maybe even in a word. I’ve found that there are times where the short, short version is much better. I have been in situations to where I am running around and having to fix so many problems it’s easier to say

We’re fucked

rather than having to go into a long explanation. Most of the people I have to deal with understand that saying something like that means that we are having a bad day and that I can tell you later but right now I need to go to work. Could it have been said more eloquently? Yes. But it wouldn’t have also contained the added emotional context.

The reason I would use that kind of language here is so I can show my emotional state as the writer without you having to see my face. That is the one problem with the written word on sites like this is that you miss the other ways of understanding emotional context. You can get part of it back but it is harder. So to help, I do not censor myself. I say how I fell when I write.


A whole new direction

I know that I haven’t been on in  a very long time (under internet time) and that is because life, in various forms, has gotten in the way. For one I now have a job. It is not a great job and like most I don’t like what I am doing. This new job, though crappy, has put it back in my head that I really need to stop dreaming and get working on my career. After much thought I have decided to work on my writing. It is something that I enjoy and is solitary enough to be consistently fun. So I am going to take this blog and turn it into more of a weekly opinion blog. I don’t plan on having a major subject other than what I feel effects us as humans. Again trying to keep in with the original title of “A Human’s Revolution”. I will post one day every week with occasional things added as needed. The plan is to start next Monday with the first topic. I will not post any other time than 9:15 in the evening. Thank you for sticking with me. Lets hope this is a start to a long great career.