A Slight Divergence

I intend to continue with the topics list but I had a new idea that I wanted to share. I think I have actually come up with a plausible catchy name for this, whatever the hell it is that I am trying to make. I’ve seen a couple of things that make me want to wait before I reveal the name. This seems like a just a small step but it does feel like another step forward. I’ve also been thinking more about more people that I want to “interview”. I put that in quotes because I don’t want to interview someone. I want it to be a conversation. That sounds cliche but I can’t find another way to put it.

As I keep think about more people to talk to and other topics to cover that I have so much to cover. It also keeps reiterating the fact that I will not be able to do this alone. I will need help. The issue is how am I going to get it. I live in such a small town that the kind of help I need will not come easy. But I am not giving up.

Thank you for your time.


20 topics for consideration

I think that the last thing I was going to write before I took my little hiatus was the list of subjects and topics that I would enjoy covering on a Podcast or Vodcast that I want to create. I am going to explain more on each individual topic in separate posts so this is just the overall list. Some things may seem strange when just in the list so please wait for me to cover more later. These are listed in no particular order but these are the main 20 topics or people or subjects that I want to cover.


  1. Language
  2. Communication
  3. Penn Jillette
  4. Photography
  5. Writing
  6. Art
  7. Queen
  8. Music
  9. The Evolution of Technology
  10. Amy Lee
  11. Human Interaction
  12. Religion
  13. Movies
  14. Psychology
  15. Philosophy
  16. Economics
  17. Internet
  18. Theatre
  19. The Evolution of Language
  20. The Hunt For John Deacon

I will more than likely not cover these subjects in the order that I listed them here.

Thank you for your time.

Its been a while

It has been a bit of time since I have posted any new content on this “blog” (I still want to come up with a new term for what this is). I have my own reasons for not having made a post in a while. There is no major change going in my existence that is preventing me from posting other than writing has become a bit of an ebb. I will hopefully be able to continue from where I left off. I am surprised by the number of people who visited here while I have been away. I again apologize for the lack of substance on here. New post coming shortly.

Thank you for your time.