Don’t know what

I am in a better place right now but I don’t know what to write. I am still running into the same issue I have when I’m feeling depressed. I have tried to write a couple of things recently but they don’t seem to be coming out how I envision them. What I mean is they don’t sound very good. I am really wanting to write as I am in a much better mood than I have been for a while. I’ve been trying to work on getting my dreams to come true since I can see a few ways of gaining them. With writing I am actually getting more ideas for my book and I am finding that I have more energy to write. I will say though that I have done somethings recently to try and pull my dreams closer and I am feeling foolish for something I’ve done. I don’t want to go into detail but I do feel like it was a stupid move and I am sure that it won’t work. I regret what I have done. That was good for me to say even if I am the only one that understands it so I apologize for that little bit.

On other parts I am continuing to work in my field but it is being continually shown to me that I really do need to go back to school and get my associates at least. It should help make many issues in my life much easier. I am happy that I am able to have a bit of a respite from my depression and I plan on trying to do something while I am not effected by it. I have been wanting to write longer posts. I don’t like that I have been having to make such short posts so that I can get them out. It is not that I make them short so they can be put out. I just feel that I have to write until either it sounds bad or until I feel I have said something. If I can feel like I have said something I try and post quickly enough so that it is out there in the world so I can’t change it. This is just another question to add to my list of things to figure out. A bit scatter shot but that seems to be the way my brain has been working recently. I thank you for making it this far. And as always:

Thank you for your time.


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