What I want

I have decided recently that I really do want a pen pal. I want it to be who I want. I want it to be Amy Lee. The why is still a mystery to me and I am not even sure on the how. I get comfort from the idea that I could come home and get a nice e-mail from her and then be able to write something back. I like the idea of having something more to look forward to more than what I already have. It is a fantasy and dream. It is a fantasy cause it is something that is so incredibly unlikely but it is a dream because of that even .000000001 percent chance of happening (that’s using my personal definitions). I have recently got a kick in the ass to start to think about those things I want out of life and in life.

I still realize that the likelihood that she would even feel comfortable enough to write me. But lets just say she would for a moment (crazy I know). How would I even contact her in the first place that she would take as a serious request for friendship. I’ve been a couple of recommendations that I felt would be going way to far and very unhelpful. Of course though those recommendations were not meant to be taken seriously. And really I think that I just want to get to know who she is above and beyond what someone can get from a general search on the internet. I want to get it from her because I don’t like hearsay. And frankly I have been realizing that I don’t care if it completely changes how I think of her. I hope this made sense. This was written rather quick as I wanted to get it down.

Thank you for your time.


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