In a dream

I haven’t been sleeping very well recently. My dreams have been knocking me out of sleep recently. I’ve been having more disturbing dreams recently. They have been more with death in them this week then I can remember in a long time. Death either caused by me or me being killed. They can be as absurd as the most gore filled horror movie (which I don’t watch) or just a hunt and kill kind of thing. The lightest one that I have had was one last night where I was kept from getting to my wife during a very unrealistic natural disaster that  was on its way to killing me (in my dream) before I woke up.

The dreams that I that disturb me the most are the ones where I am the one walking around killing people. I really don’t think that it is supposed to be me but I am seeing everything from that persons eyes. These are the dreams that I remember most after I wake up and they can occasionally effect me for the rest of the day. Not to mention that I don’t seem to have gotten restful sleep when I have them. On occasion things start before I go to sleep. As I close my eyes at the end of the night I start seeing gore and death. I don’t know why I see these things and I don’t know why its gotten worse.

Normally I don’t really dream at all. Or at least I don’t remember them when I wake in the morning. But the few I have normally are the kind that I like more. They are more comforting. I have the general kind that are my wife and me being able to survive. Actually more that survive thrive. Us having a nice house and a small family. The interesting ones I have are when my real life wants enter my dreams. I am referring to the dreams that I have where I am friends with Amy Lee. I get to talk to her face to face. Or I get to work with her. I wish I could have these again. Something seems to be going wrong.

Thank you for your time.


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