I don’t know what I’m doing

I just realized I’ve been working on a post for most of the day and I can’t even remember why I started it. It was a post on music has effected me over the years. I started on a new part and realized that I was writing shit. I tried to read over the other sections but I really couldn’t pick it back up again. I wanted to try and make a post where I told about my experience with music and how it helped me relax. I guess I just realized that my writing was bad and I was wondering “Why the fuck am I writing this?”. I know there are things that I need to figure out things but this may be a sign that I am forcing it. There are subjects I could cover but really how the fuck do they actually affect anything going on in my head. I got a lot out in the last couple of threads. The oddest thought that has come out as I write this is that I don’t want to waste anyone’s time. Strange since this is supposed to be a blog that helps me work through my own issues. I should know that there are some out there who care since I have seen people enjoying my writing. I guess I didn’t cove all my fears. I guess I’ve still got a few more than I realized.

Thank you for your time and goodnight.


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