The Harder Things of Life

I am even still finding this hard to do. It strange to think that I don’t want to open up because I fear judgement. I know that’s a very bad thing to think of when I stop me from writing especially since I am putting up my feelings an issues on a site that can be seen by a lot of people. And you would think that I would get the worst of it out while I have only really 4 people reading my stuff but I still can’t bring myself to think that its ok to share. I think there is also a sense that I don’t want to share because once some of my “dreams” / “fantasies” are put out there they won’t happen. There again is another cognitive dissonance as I already know that my fantasies will never happen. They are very grand and considering what they are they can’t happen. I don’t think that I will easily get comfortable with telling the things that I am paranoid about telling. The thing I do know though is that I need to get over my fear and let everything go and that things will get better once I do. I also know that I may also need to see a professional but I can not do that at this moment. Please forgive the fact that this may be hard to understand but I am trying to let this just flow.

Thank you for your time.


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  1. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. It may be difficult to talk about things now, but if you take baby steps, you may find yourself in a place you never imagined.

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