A Direction I Didn’t See Tell Now

I realize this post is later than I had said in my last blog post but I have a reason. I have been trying to write something as engaging and thought provoking as I intended when I started this blog. I now realize that I need to go at this in a way that my sister had suggested to me. Because she knows that I have an issue with depression (undiagnosed) she has suggested that I use this place to write about my feelings on my emotions and what I am thinking. As I have kept trying to write other posts on here I keep running into myself and my own low self worth. I now realize that I can change this but I need to figure myself out. I am going to do this here. So I hope you enjoy my own personal mental revolution. It at times may prove to be more of what my wife has now nicknamed this, PlanetHendrix’s Personal Insane Asylum, but it will help.

Goodnight and Thank you for your time.


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